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Tribochem Inc.

Specializing in Lubricants, Rust Preventatives, Metalworking Coolants.

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Tribochem offers consultancy, chemical formulations, and troubleshooting of large chemical systems.

We Offer

  • SR&ED and IRAP grant qualifying R&D
  • Chemical formulating expertise
  • Solving the problems that arise in and from large chemical systems.

Areas of Specialization

  • Metalworking coolants
  • Rust prevention & corrosion protection
  • lubricants & lubrication
  • Formulation of Chemical Preparations

About Tribochem


  •  Tribochem was established in 1987, and has been in business continuously since.  For the first 28 years of its existence, Tribochem was primarily a blending company that manufactured metalworking coolants, Electric Discharge Machining Fluids, industrial cleaners, rust preventatives, lubricants, and other highly formulated specialty chemicals and additives.  Tribochem's strongest suit was its ability to formulate to meet precisely the special requirements of its special customers.  The principal behind the company, Vincent J. Curtis, CD, M.Sc. has more than 30 years experience as a formulating chemist.  Beginning in 2016, Tribochem will begin a new existence as a specialty consultancy, offering the knowledge and experience of Vincent J. Curtis, to customers in the field of lubrication, rust prevention, metalworking and machining, specialty formulation, and materials chemistry.  If you need a chemical product, Tribochem can formulate it for you, help you to make it, or find a supplier for your needs.

Our Approach

  •  Tribochem is usually presented with a problem to solve.  In our approach to solving the problem for our customer we rely on two basic principles: the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) and a Total Systems Approach.  We tailor our solutions to the capabilities, the strength and weaknesses, of our clients.  Not any solution will serve the turn, as frequently there are issues downstream that need to be kept in mind.  Hence, the use of the Total Systems Approach and keeping things simple, as error can be more easily avoided in the simple than in the complex.

Principle Scientist

  • Vincent J. Curtis, CD, M.Sc is a long time member of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers.  He has been a formulating chemist since 1986, with special expertise in:
  •  lubricants, lubrication, rust preventives, 
  • raw materials synthesis, 
  • metalworking coolants, 
  • materials chemistry, and applied thermodynamics.

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